Yes, I’m still alive and clicking. Been busy trying to get stuff made, figure out where my store is (at Rag Dollz Island now, yay! I love Em :D), make sure I look good the whole time, and still make time to try my hand at that ‘real life’ thing (I still don’t get what that is, exactly, but whatever). 

Lots more pics up at and a few more items closer to being ready to stuff into vendors. It’s going to be boots and shoes first, then clothes. The jewelry stays as is for now; a few new pieces–hopefully all mesh–but the old stuff being converted to mesh is kind of on hold for now, and some may stay as is.

That’s it for now, just an update to let you know I’m still here and getting ready to actually use this to blog–my own stuff and some freebies and cool stuff I’ve found. I promise a pic next time, and maybe some controversy. Maybe a lot of controversy. Stay crazy. See you in the funny papers. o.0